Our goal is to ensure a happy, healthy team! We sponsor many events during the year designed to inspire, promote health, and encourage employee team building. Here are some of them;

 1. Observance of National Employee Wellness Month

SWRMC observed National Employee Wellness Month in 2012 by assigning each week in June to a different component of wellness: activity, nourishment, cleansing and rest.  The primary goal of this important initiative is to offer learning and activity opportunities to employees to take control of personal wellness.  And, since it takes place at the year’s mid-point, it is an ideal time to also reflect back on corporate and personal health goals that may have been previously established at the year’s start.


2. “Not a Single Pound” Holiday Wellness Challenge

          Over the holiday season in 2012, about 20% of the employees participated in our “Not a Single Pound” Wellness Challenge.  This event challenged participants to not gain any weight over the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s holidays.  The program helped increase awareness of food and drink intake over this typically indulgent time of year by providing suggestions for making healthy choices over the holidays, working in physical activity during this busy season, and making traditional recipes healthier.


3. Periodic distribution of nutrition information and tips for staying healthy

Throughout the year, employees receive occasional, informative communication containing nutritional and wellness information.  These tips offer helpful suggestions for how to eat better and live healthier and more satisfying lives.


4. Establishment of “Southwest Passage”, an indoor walking trail with posted exercise stops along the way

The indoor walking path was dedicated in November 2012 and is meant to encourage regular exercise.  This indoor walking trail provides SWRMC employees and hospital visitors with an opportunity to fit in daily physical activity.

To remain consistent with promoting good health, Southwest Regional Medical Center is a non-smoking facility. Your support and understanding is appreciated.