It is the mission of the surgical services department to provide the safest, quality healthcare available. In addition, we strive to provide a comprehensive array of surgical services of the highest caliber so our patients can have their surgeries performed locally rather than traveling to other cities.

Southwest Regional Healthcare’s surgical suites have state of the art equipment to meet the need for our surgical procedures.

Surgical specialties include, but are not limited to:

General Surgery                                  Spine Surgery                                      Gynecological

Vascular Surgery                                 Orthopedics                                        Endoscopy

Urological                                            Ear Nose & Throat                             Podiatry



GENERAL SURGERY/VASCULAR /                GENERAL SURGERY/ ENDOSCOPY                                                   ENDOSCOPY

Dr. J.W. Lee                                                                Dr. Linda Welder

Board Certified by the American                                Board Certified by the American

Board of Surgery in General Surgery                         Board of Surgery in General Surgery


ORTHOPEDICS/ SPINE SURGERY                    ORTHOPEDICS                                       

Dr. R. Desai                                                               Dr. Charles Miller

Board Certified by the American                                Board Certified by the American

Board of Orthopedics and Spine                                 Board of Orthopedic Surgery



UROLOGY                                                                 OPHTHALMOLOGY                

Dr. Harisha Kothegal                                                    Dr. David Howard

Board Certified by the American                                 Board Certified by the American

Board of Urology                                                         Board of Ophthalmology


EAR NOSE & THROAT                                           PODIATRY

Dr. Thomas Keriakes                                                    Dr. Brian Short

Board Certified by the American Board                      Board Certified by the American

of Otolaryngology                                                        Board of Podiatry




 Dr. Barbara Patridge                                                    Dr. Judith Varnau

Board Certified by the American                                Board Certified by the

Board of Gynecology                                                  Board of Osteopathic Surgeons

for Gynecology




Dr. Nemat Moussavian

Board Certified by the American

Board of Gastroenterology