Nutrition Services

Inpatient Clinical Nutrition Therapy:
Clinical nutrition services are provided for inpatients during their hospital visit depending on length of stay, admitting diagnosis, and on initial nutrition risk assessment. Full nutrition consults can be requested from identification of risk for nutritional problems on admission, via a physician order or as an order from other healthcare team members.


Outpatient Medical Nutrition Therapy:
With outpatient Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT), an individualized nutrition plan is developed by a registered, licensed dietitian to meet the patient’s specific needs.  MNT covers nutrition assessment of the patient, nutrition diagnosis, and specific nutrition intervention including diet therapy and diet counseling/education.

Scheduling an appointment:  Before an outpatient MNT appointment can be scheduled, a health care provider’s referral or written doctor’s order is required. The written order must include diagnosis and supporting/related medical information.  Once your health care provider has provided the written order for MNT, you may call (937) 378-7575 to schedule your appointment.


Please check with your insurance company before you schedule an appointment for Medical Nutrition Therapy. Your insurance company may or may not cover some or all the cost of MNT. Medicare covers MNT for patients with either a diagnosis of diabetes or a diagnosis of renal (kidney) disease.


Cafeteria – Open to the Public 
Serving Line Hours:
Monday-Friday  11:00 a.m.- 1:30 p.m.
In addition to the options on the Serving Line, soup and a salad bar are available during the lunch hours Monday-Friday.

Patient Meals:
The Food & Nutrition Services team prepares meals to meet the special health and nutrition needs of patients. Patients receive a daily menu which corresponds to their specific diet order so that they may select their food and drink choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Visitor Meals:
Visitor meals are not provided to family members who are visiting patients.  Visitors may purchase meals from the cafeteria during the Serving Line hours posted above or they may use the vending machines located in the Bistro Area near the Gift Shop.