Welcome Southwest Regional Medical Center

Southwest Regional Medical Center serves the Brown County residents and nearby communities for over 50 years. Providing only exceptional health care and wellness, our center achieved to offer only accessible and affordable services that do not compromise on quality. Our 200 employees are highly trained in medical care. And, more than 60 physicians including therapists, technologists, nurses, and dedicated experts assist people in their unique needs.

  • We are compassionate – Patients are deprived of embarrassment and equally treated with the latest health technologies;
  • We are convenient – Call or visit us Monday to Friday and receive qualitative counseling for your needs;
  • We are experts – Many services are available with us. We do not limit on treating certain health conditions but try to accommodate various issues to boost the health level of our community;
  • We are supportive – Do not you know how we can help? Let us guide you through the whole affordable options with us. You won’t be disappointed with the results.

In case, you truly believe you need to seek an emergency, our medical center is open for you 24/7/365. Call us immediately at 937-378-7500, and we will be there for you.

Why Choose Us?

Southwest Regional Medical Center offers healthcare services for the family units including comprehensive obstetrical care if you are expecting. With us, you can request home care that is accredited by The Joint Commission, and access intravenous therapy, injections, dressing changes, phlebotomy, and blood transfusions. And, of course, we are well-known for providing patients with spine, joint replacement, and orthopedic surgeries in addition to the treatment of fractures and dislocations. Apart from this, after the treatment and rehabilitation course at our pharmacy at our Center, you will be able to get the necessary after-care products at the dispense units of our partner service Jamesonhealth.org, where our patients have access to special wholesale price offers.

Our medical center staff is happy to assist dependent patients who might require rehabilitation services. Get your nutrition plan, screening, laboratory procedures, and forget about being a burden for yourself and your beloved ones. Do not postpone your treatment, we are already preparing one of the dedicated experts to find out why you cannot live to the fullest.


Our Patient Care Services


Hours of Operation- 24 hours per day. 365 days per year. Phone number: 937-378-7500

Family Medicine Practice

Offering complete health care for children and adults, including obstetrical care for expectant mothers

Home Care

SWRMC Home Care provides quality skilled care services and is accredited by The Joint Commission.

IV Therapy

Intravenous therapy, injections, dressing changes, phlebotomy, and blood transfusions.


Spine Surgeries, Joint Replacement Surgeries, Fractures & Dislocations, Orthopedic Surgeries